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Unexpected water emergency in our basement. We have an older home that often has some quirks so we weren’t sure that full restoration would even be possible. SERVPRO did great work in every aspect of the job.

SERVPRO helped us work with insurance to fully understand the claim, set and worked within the budget. They sent a team to our house the same day and then worked to get the mess under control and put things back together quickly. The project timeline, start to finish was surprisingly quick and efficient.

As is always the case with house projects unexpected issues came up and the SERVPRO team helped us to navigate the challenges and provided manageable solutions that made the house look nice and maintained a reasonable budget.

The SERVPRO Team was reliable and timely. They were there when they said they would be and the members of the team were friendly and respectful to all the members of our household. The work was what we agreed it would be and their ideas for how to make the space loom nice were excellent. They were easy to communicate with and responsive if we had questions or ideas.

Thanks to SERVPRO not only for the high quality work and solutions that were provided but also for the respectful and considerate manner in which they conducted business.

Our house is out back together and we are very happy with the finished product.

They’ve done great working with me and my husband and working with my insurance company to get everything out back to the way we were before jake has been amazing at helping with the rebuild side of things and has worked so hard
Jason has been great helping us through everything even with are shower so thank you we appreciate it

We experienced water damage from a leaking shower and SERVPRO was extremely helpful. SERVPRO found the issue, cleaned up the problem area and helped us find a local contractor to finish the job. SERVPRO worked together very well with the insurance company too! What started as a scary and overwhelming ordeal became manageable. We have our living room back in time for the holidays. Thank you SERVPRO!

Each SERVPRO team member for visited our home was professional and courtesy, even to our curious 4 year old. At the end of each day they cleaned up their work area, allowing our home to stay liveable.

Excellent service and professionalism. Timely response and reasonable prices- great value! Actually provided references to electrical and plumbing subcontractors that were unexpectedly needed and they, too, did outstanding work in a timely manner. Great network of folks who know their stuff! 

I have been in the insurance industry for over 30 years. I needed to refer a client to a restoration company. When I reached out to SERVPRO Jason responded to the client professionally, promptly and with compassion to their situation

Our Church got water in the basement Fellowship Hall after a heavy rain AND we had a wedding going on there THE NEXT DAY!! Joe and his team came out that night with his equipment. By 9am the next morning. . everything was dry and clean like nothing happened! Great Company!

They took care of the water problem without any problems involved.

They were very prompt in coming to take care of our water problem.  They were very efficient, professional, and caring concerning our predicament with damage to our main level and basement area. I would recommend their work to anyone.

Very Prompt and helpful in the clean up.  I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone that ask.  Professionalism was great.

Very Helpful.  Stayed in touch and willing to help in any way.

Wonderful wonderful service! My carpet looks amazing and smells so clean! Thank you all for the wonderful service. Very affordable and got us in quickly.

Marty & Crew! Thank you for all that you have done and are doing for us!

Jason, the general manager, was awesome. We had water damage in our basement from a recent storm. Since it wasn’t covered by insurance, Jason proposed alternative solutions to keep the cost down. He didn’t have to do this, he could have just done the entire job and cost me much more money, but he didn’t. He left me some fans and a dehumidifier and gave me some tips to help dry out the basement. His tips worked great and our basement was dry in 3-days and all it cost me was the rental of his fans. Top rate company. Highly recommend.


Thank you for the excellent work you did for me. You made the water damage less stressful.


Peter D.

When our dog accidentally turned on a burner that had a cardboard box sitting on it we experienced a small fire damage. SERVPRO of Hershey/Harrisburg East quickly responded to our call, explained everything they needed to do to clean and deodorize the home and got to work! We are very happy with the results including the special care they took of our home and belongings.

When you have a sewage loss in your home I hope you do what I did. Call SERVPRO of Hershey/Harrisburg East for quick response and excellent service! They will make it "Like it never even happened."

We had an employee go home sick, we didn't know why but we needed to make sure all of our other employees stay safe and healthy. We called SERVPRO of Hershey/Harrisburg East and they responded the same day! We are now Certified SERVPRO Clean! We are very grateful to SERVPRO of Hershey/Harrisburg East for their quick, professional service and the peace of mind that they gave to our employees and customers. SERVPRO of Hershey/Harrisburg East explained how SERVPROxide makes the COVID-19 virus "Like it never even happened." Thanks SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Hershey/Swatara did an amazing job remediating the mold in my mom's basement. They were prompt, courteous, thorough, and always ready to answer questions as we salvaged what we could from the basement and what to do to make sure it stays mold-free afterwards. SERVPRO of Hershey/Swatara was recommended by several friends while we were trying to find a company to take care of the mold, and I see why they were so highly recommended; they really did a great job.

Two days of general home clean-up and trash removal, directed by the outstanding John Langel, left us with practically a brand new house! They did everything requested, were courteous, kind, and hard working. Five Stars!

Hired SERVPRO of Hershey/Swatara to do mold remediation in the basement of my mother's home. We ran into an issue with the painting of the block walls, but Jason Roberts brought in extra blowers and an industrial dehumidifier at no extra cost and made sure that we were happy with the project at the end. Would definitely hire them again!

Video Testimonial from Mary Hixon.  

John and his SERVPRO team members were professional, punctual, efficient and thorough! Our facility look fantastic!

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The team at SERVPRO of Hershey has handled several restoration projects for members of our congregation and for our facilities. I highly recommend them based on the very positive feedback from members of our church

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Quick Response, Great Job. We had a water loss, 2nd floor washer waste water hose failed. Brad and his crew showed up quickly, get everything under control, and put our house back to like new. These guys really made it "Like it never even happened." Thanks!

Through every phase of questions, tear-down, clean-up, referrals, and haul away SERVPRO was very professional. They made my sister comfortable with answers to questions that she then had to communicate to me; and they were very patient when they had to answer those same questions directly on the phone with me. Even though my basement was destroyed and I was away "freaking out" they made a bad situation seem much better - What a great group of guys. Thanks much !!

I was very satisfied with level of professionalism of your team and the the quality of the service they provided. Your crews were very professional and personable too! Thank you!

Your team consistently communicated with me through the process, completed the job as promised and the guys were were very friendly !

Your team was courteous and prompt, they did an excellent job of communicating with me and I was impressed with the quality of the service. I would definitely use SERVPRO of Hershey / Swatara again for any future cleaning / restoration needs!

We were impressed with the personnel that performed the services. We would gladly recommend you to any family, friends or colleagues - we are very satisfied with the service provided. in addition - Your team was very helpful and kind too!

Your staff was very professional, courteous and sympathetic. They clearly explained the process,and kept me informed throughout the job. I would highly recommend your team to my friends - I was very satisfied with the service you provided.

"I was most satisfied with their friendliness and their professionalism. They did a great job and I will call them back when I need someone like that a second time. "

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I was most satisfied with their ability to quickly clean my house and get me out of a motel and back into my house and out the hotel! The team was VERY professional and courteous - I highly recommend them.

Your crew meet all my expectations and best of all - their timing was EXCELLENT!

I was most satisfied with their ability to quickly clean my house and get me out of a motel and back into my house and out the hotel! The team was VERY professional and courteous - I highly recommend them.

Dan & Josh did a wonderful job in cleaning-up my basement that was affected by a sewer back-up. Everyone was very courteous and they understood the situation and what needed to be done. Thanks!

I've seen their trucks in the areas. So when I had a problem, they were the first company I called. They were very professional. Everything was great. The clean up was great, and they were quick to get on the job.

SERVPRO came to look at the damage and later the same day came with all of the equipment. They began cleanup immediately. Later that same day they installed drying equipment. It took three more days to get the material completly dry. As soon as they were finished they came and took the equipment out of the house. In the meantime they suggested a person to put the moldings back and repair the drywayy they had to remove. I am more than satisfied and would highly recommend SERVPRO of Hershey


"Brad, Dan, Jason, Josh, Garth, Micah (hope I didn't miss anyone) were very helpful during a difficult and confusing water damage catastrophy. I'm grateful and appreciative! Leslie"

Very professional job. Answered all my questions. The team worked very well together, and addressed my concerns. View all recent GuildQuality survey feedback: http://bit.ly/1guPCqH

I was very happy with the work and I would not hesitate to refer them to somebody else. They were very professional, explained to me what they were going to do and then they did.

SERVPRO of Hershey showed up on time and were completely professional. They sanitized the area that was effected from the grinder being broken. They went beyond what was expected by sanitizing the surrounding areas because they had a high chance of being effected by foot traffic. They also removed the mold efficiently.

I would definitely use SERVPRO again!

The team was very professional and efficient. They took the time to explain the process and answer all my questions. The quality of their work was excellent and they were very accommodative to my schedule. I had a similar situation a few years ago and the SERVPRO guys were much better - I am glad I called them. I hope I never have another loss like this but if I do - I will call them. http://www.guildquality.com/ServproHersheySwatara

We were away and it was an emergency. They got there quick and took care of things. When we got back everything was taken care of. Nick and Fred were wonderful guys! http://www.guildquality.com/SERVPROHersheySwatara

My mother-in-law is a claims adjuster for Nationwide and she recommended them. I really liked their communication and their promptness getting back in touch with me. I enjoyed working with them - I think they're a great company!


Having used other cleaning professionals in the past, SERVPRO far exceeded my expectations, and their ability to deliver beyond the competition is immeasurable. They blow the competition away and the final product was outstanding.

We just moved out of a rental home and SERVPRO of Hershey did a wonderful job in removing all the stains we had from kids and two dogs. The rooms didn't even look like we had been living there for five years. Our landlord was really pleased with the work. We also had SERVPRO clean the carpets in the house we bought. The former owners had a dog that you could smell as soon as you walked in the door. The carpeting looks really good and the odors are gone and we're very happy with everything.

Comment from a customer in Harrisburg, PA: "They were very professional and knew the job very well. They wouldn't let me onsite as they were protecting my benefit,best interest and health.(due to severe air quality issues related to mold damage) I couldn't ask for anything better under the circumstances." View all recent GuildQuality survey feedback: http://bit.ly/1guPCqH

I would not wish this experience on anyone (flooded basement and loss of so many personal items and memories), but I would hope they had SERVPRO to help them through the process if they did have to go through it!


SERVPRO was extremely helpful, and the team was very thorough. The guys that did the job were extremely knowledgeable about what they were doing.


From the moment we found ourselves in the midst of a tragic house fire, SERVPRO was there to take over, and do all of things that needed to be done. Although it was a horrible situation, God provided for us every step of the way, and one of those ways was through the help of SERVPRO.They were always courteous, and helpful and treated us with compassion and care in the situation. http://gq20.guildquality.com/surveys/_sg.php?_t=cs&_k=S4A98C21278660&_f=e

God bless you, for your care and kindness to our neighborhood in S. Allison Hill. We are so grateful for the selfless decisions that benefited so many. You took of your own resources and turned an unjust situation into a blessing for underprivileged kids and missions and churches all over the city - for no personal gain. Many have been talking about how you were truly God's hands to a struggling community. Thank you, what an amazing crew and company.

The entire team was excellent. They responded quickly, and knew exactly how to remedy the problem. I appreciated level the care and concern they took to do the job right and work around our schedule and needs. They explained everything very well and helped me in every way!


The SERVPRO staff arrived and, within minutes, made me feel that everything was going to be okay! I watched them carefully pack all of my prized possessions with the utmost care. Everything was recently returned to me cleaned to perfection with absolutely no smoke odor whatsoever on any item. There was not one single thing damaged. I cannot recommend SERVPRO highly enough! Great people!

SERVPRO exceeded our expectations on this job! They where prompt, professional and above all they lived up to their tag line "Like it never happened"! I highly recommend them!

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Brad was very attentive to our needs, even though the work couldn't be started immediately, he followed up with texts and phone calls within a short time of my contacting SERVPRO. In the midst of our disaster he was reassuring!

"Everything was great and done nicely. They addressed any problems and questions that we had."


They were extremely helpful, professional and courteous. It was a delicate situation and I appreciated their professionalism.


"Excellent and professional from start to finish!"


"They provided help to me when I sorely needed it!!! I would certainly recommend them!"


"Very happy with the service I received from SERVPRO. They kept me updated on the progress and always returned my calls promptly, even after hours and Saturdays. I would highly recommend this company!" http://www.guildquality.com/review/2297859

Very high quality work, nice guys with whom to work.


I was very happy regarding the experience I had with SERVPRO and I would highly recommend this company!

I have been working with SERVPRO for almost two weeks at the village of Pineford at Holly hall these men and women are amazing, even tho it was a tragic loss for so many people the team from SERVPRO have done such a great job for so many of our residents. I'm so glad of the care and respect that these teams have. Glad you guy's are there to help people when they don't know what to do. I would recommend you to anyone that needs help.

I could not have been happier with SERVPRO's team. They were prompt and the finished work is excellent!? http://www.guildquality.com/review/2859180